Costa de Almeira – Hundreds of days of sun each year

The Costa De Almeria is located on the coast of Andalucia in Spain and it offers a vastly diverse mixture of settings, things to do, and accommodation types. It is the perfect holiday destination whether you are looking for a traditional Spanish break or a sun filled vacation on the beach and whether you are travelling as a couple or looking for an entertaining time for the whole family. The area is currently a lot quieter than its neighbouring Cost Brava and Costa del Sol but is not without its attractions and places to visit.

Weather Forecast

costa de almeria
August 20, 2017, 2:20 am
real feel: 11°C
wind gusts: 1 m/s
sunrise: 6:22 am
sunset: 8:34 pm

Almeria City

The city of Almeria is, in itself, a commercial city that is both modern and lively although you can still find a great selection of markets, squares, and places to enjoy a more traditional time. The city is lively throughout the day and into the evening so you can enjoy some of the local fish delicacies and sample the Spanish wine in the afternoon or you can enjoy a heavy night out into the early hours of next day.

Temperate Conditions

The Costa de Almeria is reputed to have the lowest rainfall and the most sun of any destination in Europe but, because of its largely bleak and arid setting away from the beaches, it has yet to receive the same tourist related attention that the other Costas have met. There are developments and resorts to be found, however, where you can enjoy all inclusive deals as well as a number of villas throughout the region.

Secluded Beaches

The beaches are one of the big attractions of the Costa de Almeria region. Many of these beaches are only accessible by foot but they are well worth the visit and they are not as commercially packed as other beaches on the Spanish coast. Secluded bays, golden sands, and beautiful blue water can be found across the Almeria coastline making it the ideal spot for sun worshippers and water lovers alike.

Natural Parks

To the east of the main city of Almeria you can find the maritime national park of Cabo de Gato – Nijar. The coastline is packed with rugged mountains and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you can find. Whether you want to take in the views or prefer to be more hands on you can find attractions and views to match your preferences.

Towns And Resorts

Nijar is a small town but it has a strong clay and ceramic wear industry offering the ideal gift buying opportunity. To the West of Almeria is where you will find the towns and commercial resorts as this is the area that has undergone the most development and building projects. Towns like Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulce are found here and offer many commercial attractions including bars and clubs.

Historical Attractions

The Costa de Almeria is also littered with historical and archaeological sites that can be included in your visit to the area. The fishing town of Adra, for example, provides access sites dating back to the 8th century and many of these are overlooked by tourists so are quiet too. Also near Adra is the region of Vera which is best known for its naturist beaches; an area which is currently undergoing further development and building.

Costa De Almeria

The Costa de Almeria region has much to offer the visitor from bleak but beautiful desert landscapes to stunning beaches, incredible archaeological and historical sites. There are well developed areas where you can often find cut price holiday deals or you can find villas and apartments to rent either out in the middle of nowhere or located in any of the beautiful and friendly villages and cities of the area.